Miracle of B & E Meat Goats

Mortal as I am, I Know that I am Born for a day.
But when I follow at my pleasure
the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course,
my feet no longer touch the earth


             Welcome to Miracle Of B & E Meat Goats
This adventure started in 2012. Since then we have gone through allot of change over the years. My husband and I started it out with  does that where given to me for helping some one out.  That start a fire in me for the goats. My husband and I went and purchased our first buck in 2013.  Since then we have expanded the herd. We divided our 5 acres into several paddocks so we can rotate the goats from pen to pen. We have learned allot over the years but we still learn new things ever year. We are trying new things on our place to better improve our herd.  Last year we did are first Lap AI. This year we have purchase more semen straws so we can try and do AI on our place in the future of 2021. We are excited to try this new adventure.


  • PFS1 Red Rocker


  • Corydon, IA, United States