How do you take payments?

I will take cash. Plus I have set up a square account so I can take debit and credit card. If I take credit or debit there will be a 1.5% ad on charge.

Aussie date of birth?

June 15, 2018

LGD date of birth?

June 21, 2018

Aussie Dad?

It is a blue Merle. Tina Lieghty owns the male. 

LGD dad?

Chase is the dad of the LGD pups he is Part Anatolian and Great Bryeness. Own By Brandon & Sheri Van Winkle

Are the Aussie Tails and Declaws removed?

Yes both where done when they were 4 days old by Eastridge Animal Center LLC. Vet clinic is in Chariton, IA

Will the Aussie & LGD Puppies be getting shots?

All the puppies will be getting  two set of shots also will be wormed.

Will you deliver or ship a puppy?

I will meet up to 2 hours from my house. Additional cost of $25 1st hour then $50.00 for the next hour will be added on. Unless I can deliver more than one puppy at a time in the same area, then it will be $25 add on, charge is per puppy.

Will you hold a puppy for us?

The only way I will hold a puppy is that you have to put a deposit on it. Deposit would be 1\2 the cost of the puppy. That will be non refundable.

Return Policy

You have 1 week to have the puppy check by your vet at your expense. If there is anything wrong, you may return the puppy along with the vet report for a full refund. You have up to 2 weeks from the date of purchase to return the puppy.  

If the puppy is not fitting in: You will have 30 days to return the puppy. If you decided to return the puppy, you will receive half your payment back. After 30 days there will be no refund.  

What type of surroundings did they group in?

They live on  5 acres that has lots of goats, 1 horse, 1 cow, 15 chickens.
Unless my sister - in - law brings her grand kids down in the next several weekend no they would not of been around kids.

What kind of dog food?

They will be getting Pedigree can and Dry Puppy food will probably Puppy Chow.

Where have the puppies been living?

All the puppies are living out in my chicken coop/hay/feed shed. When they get older and their eyes start opening up we will be letting them out to play with the other animals. This batch of puppies will probably not be house broken. In the past the puppies lived in the house for the most part but with so many and it being summer they will be out side. The past Aussie's puppies have been really easy to potty train. My LGD mom I never had any issue with her being in the house. She is in and out out of the house. She protect the goats at night from the Coyotes that are by are place.

How do I make a payment?

Send me your email address and phone number and I will send you a invoice for you to make a payment.

When will the puppies be ready?

Aussie should be ready around Aug 10th.
LGD  should be ready around Aug 17th.